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Celtic Equine Bungee Martingale

Celtic Equine Bungee Martingale
Celtic Equine Bungee Martingale

Bungee reigns or bungees are a brilliant training aid for all types of horses when used correctly. They can be used to help strengthen and improve muscle usage and are also very helpful in the rehabilitation of horses.

A bungee reign encourages your horse to work long and low. This helps to strengthen the neck, back and hind quarters of the horse as they are encouraged to use their muscles more effectively. It also helps in building the foundation that helps your horse work in a shape or ?On the Bit?. All of this will be done withougt rider interferance, there fore it is much more benificial to your horse and the work that you are trying to acheve.

The bungee works on a simple reward system. If your horse braces against the bungee it is uncomfortable, it puts pressure behind the ears and pulls on the bit. If the horse lowers his head the bungee goes slack and the pressure releases from behind the head and off the bit. Once the horse figures out that all the pressure is released by relaxing into a shape they begin to work in an outline and all of the muscles are working properly now.

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