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OE Copper Gel Syringe - 30ml

OE Copper Gel Syringe - 30ml

Chelated Copper Gel offers nutritional support that really works. Copper is essential for iron uptake and horses deficient in it can suffer from problems including anaemia, fungal skin disease, seedy toe, heavy worm infestations, and weak bones, as well as crib-biting and coat discolouration.

It comes in an easy-to-feed gel that is given by syringe to minimize waste and ensure that the horse gets the exact dose needed. This unique formula greatly enhances the absorption of copper into the horse’s body.

Copper is an essential co-factor needed for normal cross link information between collagen and elastin. Impairment in the cross linking is associated with bone disorders, lameness and weak arteries.

Deficiences of copper result in abnormal cartilage formation and resilience leading to joint deterioration in foals and young growing horses.


Copper Deficiency in horses has been implicated in causing developmental orthopedic disease of the bones and joints in foals and young horses.

A deficiency of copper is also reputed to be a cause of Mud Fever

Horses need copper in their diets to develop healthy connective tissue and to be able to properly utilise iron.

Copper is important to many of the enzymes involved in metabolism.

In adult horses a deficiency of copper in the equine diet may cause thinning of the bones, swelling of the joints and possibly even limb deformities.

A lack of copper in the diet can can lead to anemia as the horse fails to absorb iron properly

Some horses that have a copper deficiency will have a dull, discoloured coat with possibly a reddish tinge to it.

Each syringe contains 30ml. Directions For Use: (Adult Horses) - Give one tube every 7 to 14 days (Foals & Yearlings) Give 15ml every 7 to 14 days.

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