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Dodson & Horrell Mobility

Dodson & Horrell Mobility
Dodson & Horrell Mobility Dodson & Horrell Mobility

Mobility is a special blend of herbs for the nutritional support of joints and muscles and has been prepared for horses and ponies prone to stiffness and mobility problems.

A horse's joints can take a lot of wear and tear through life and sometimes need extra support.

Obviously taking the right precautions during exercise can help reduce the adverse effects, however some horses are naturally predisposed to conditions such as arthritis. Also, as a horse ages, general stiffness is often evident.

Providing nutritional support to combat the discomfort that is caused by joint and mobility problems can help your horse's performance and quality of life.


Nettle, Celery Seed, Burdock Root, Dandelion Leaves, Devil's Claw Root and Comfrey Leaf.

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