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Dodson & Horrell Mud Heal

Dodson & Horrell Mud Heal
Mud Heal is a quality dried herbal blend containing Echinacea, Devils Claw Root, Clivers, Burdock Root, Marigold and Nettle.

Used for the prevention of Mud Fever by protecting from the inside out, the combination of these soothing and immune boosting herbal properties can help build the immune system to prevent infection and soothe sores.

Horses that are most prone to Mud Fever are those with white socks, sensitive skin or are heavily feathered and as the name suggests Mud Fever occurs when the weather is wet and the ground becomes muddy.

Once the horse’s heels are cracked and raw it can become difficult for the sores to heal so the addition of Dodson & Horrell Mud Heal to their feed is recommended.

• Ideal for horses & ponies prone to Mud Fever

• Contains soothing & immune boosting properties

• Available as a dried blend

Ponies & smaller horses:
2 scoops per day (dried)

Larger horses:
2.5 scoops per day (dried)

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