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Worming Tablet - Drontal Cat - 1 Tablet

Worming Tablet - Drontal Cat - 1 Tablet

Intestinal worms are potentially harmful to cats and dogs. Drontal products are the broadest spectrum dewormers available for your pets. They eliminate all common intestinal worms that may be present in your cat.

Uses: Drontal works with a single dose and kills all the common intestinal worms found in cats in Ireland. For the treatment of gastrointestinal roundworms and tapeworms of cats.

Ascarids: Toxocara cati & Toxascaris leonina

Tapeworm: Dipylidium caninum & Taenia taeniaeformis

Dosage: Give 1 tablet orally per 4 kg bodyweight. The coated tablets should be given directly but if necessary can be disguised in food. The tablets are scored into halves to enable a range of weights to be treated.

2kg bodyweight: ½ tablet

4kg bodyweight 1 tablet

6kg bodyweight 1½ tablets


How often should I use Drontal?

It is advised that an adult dog or cat should be treated for worms four times a year. There may be specific instances however where a regime of more frequent worming treatment is desirable. These would include the worming of puppies and kittens, hunting cats which eat mice, and dogs and cats which experience repeated flea problems

Administration and Duration of Treatment:

For single oral administration. The tablets should be given directly to the animal, but if necessary can be disguised in food.

Use During Pregnancy and Lactation: Not to be used during pregnancy but may be used during lactation.

Product is dispatched as a single tablet - Product picture for illustration purposes only. You are paying for 1 tablet.

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