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Embotape (Pyrantel) - 28.5g

Embotape (Pyrantel) - 28.5g
Embotape (Pyrantel) - 28.5g Embotape (Pyrantel) - 28.5g

Each 28.5g syringe contains Pyrantel Embonate USP 11.4g, Embotape is for the treatment and control of adult infections of large and small redworms, ascarids and pinworms found in the gastro-intestinal tract of horses and other equines. Embotape also treats and controls tapeworm when given at a double dose rate.

Safe for all horses and foals over 4 weeks of age.

Warnings during administration:

Direct contact with the skin should be avoided. Wash hands and any other parts of the body which comes into contact with the product after use. Avoid handling the product if you know you are hypersensitive to pyrantel.

Contra-indications, warnings, etc

Not intended for use in horses intended for slaughter for human consumption. Not for use in foals less than 4 weeks of age. Contraindicated in known sensitivity to pyrantel and in severely debilitated animals.

Pyrantel embonate is safe for horses and ponies of all ages, including sucklings, pregnant mares and studs. Impaction of the small intestine may occur in foals, infected with high numbers of Parascaris equorum. Symptoms (colic) may be seen as soon as 30 minutes after treatment. The same syringe should only be used to dose two animals if they are both healthy and are either running together, or are on the same premises and in direct contact with each other.

One tube will treat up to 600Kg

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