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Gold Label Brewers Yeast

Gold Label Brewers Yeast
Gold Label Brewers Yeast Gold Label Brewers Yeast
Vitamin B2 - 1 mg. per ounce - Niacin - 14.15 mg. per ounce - Vitamin B1 - 3.54 mg. per ounce - Choline - 137.5 mg. per ounce - Folic Acid - 1.37 mg. per ounce- Crude Protein - 42.0% Moisture - 10.0% - Pantothenic Acid - 3.45 mg. per ounce - Crude Fat - 0.1% - Crude Fiber - 7.0%

100% pure Brewer's Yeast. A rich source of B Complex vitamins. Also contains amino acids. Brewers Yeast is effective against the effects of stress, behavioural problems, anxiety, mareishness and travel stress.

Its high quality amino acids encourage a healthy population of gut flora, ensuring better hindgut digestion. It also provides copper and zinc, and is particularly useful for hard working horses, lactating mares, anxious and problem horses.

It can help to improve feed palatability and aid in improved digestion of fibre in the horses diet.

As it is high in Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), it can help to calm nervous & highly strung horses.

Brewers yeast increases fiber digestion, which simply means that a horse should be able to get more out of the fibre it eats. If the fibre is making a greater contribution to the horse's requirements, then less concentrates should be required, which is ideal for any horses that are prone to digestive upsets or over-excitable behavior.

Pure pharmaceutical grade brewers yeast, a natural source of B vitamins. Ideal for show stock providing conditioning elements for skin and coat bloom. Contains Thiamine, believed to be beneficial to nervous horses. Brewers yeast is also believed to help support horses who suffer from sweet itch.

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