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Net-Tex Electrolyte Maintenance Liquid - 1L

Net-Tex Electrolyte Maintenance Liquid - 1L
Net-Tex Electrolyte Maintenance Liquid - 1L Net-Tex Electrolyte Maintenance Liquid - 1L
Formerly called Fast Electro

Delivered with fast & bio-available compounds'

Electrolyte Maintenance Liquid from NetTex is a liquid elecrolyte that contains an energy assisting material Ribose - delivered in a bio-available formulation. As the components are already dissolved in a liquid the first stage of the digestion is speeded up.

Electrolyte Maintenance Liquid can be easily mixed into feed or dissolved in water, or if required directly via an oral drench into the horse's mouth. Contains a highly palatable sweet mint flavour and is easy to adminster.

Fortified with Ribose

Daily supplementation of Ribose has been proven to increase energy recovery considerably. Ribose is an important building block for the production of ATP, ‘the energy molecule’ within the muscle. Ribose not only increases the efficency of energy production, but also increases the energy pool as a whole. These aspects therfore aid against muscle soreness after exercise.

Why use Electrolyte Maintenance Liquid?

A pre and post working liquid electrolyte formulated to replace electrolytes and trace elements that are lost through heavy work and competition. Delivered with fast and bio-available compounds Trace elements of Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc and Copper have been carefully selected to provide immediate absorption Contains Ribose to aid in the reduction of muscle soreness and stiffness after exercise. Contains no banned substances Assists in the temporary accumulation of electrolytes and water to improve the water balance of the horse during exercise.

1L - (20 Day Supply)

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