Net-Tex Rug Wash Low Foam - 5L

Net-Tex Rug Wash Low Foam - 5L
Net-Tex Rug Wash Low Foam - 5L Net-Tex Rug Wash Low Foam - 5L

Net-tex Low Foam Rugwash

An effective blend of natural and synthetic detergents for machine or hand washing of horse rugs and other heavy-duty textiles. A low foaming synergised surfactant blend has been used to allow application in all washing machines with manual or automatic dosing systems. For use on natural and synthetic materials including cotton, polyester, acrylic, polyamide, nylon, wool / synthetic blends and breathable fabrics.

Benefits Effective cleaning of mud, grass, faeces, urine and other soils. High active level to allow lower dosing and improved cost effectiveness. Essentially neutral pH for gentleness to fibres and minimal stripping of pre-treatments. Contains powerful sanitiser - effective against germs and bacteria. Anti-redeposition aid to give more effective rinsing Softeners and sequestering agents to deal with all water conditions. Water based, environmentally friendly formulation. Contains no flammable alcohols.

Application Use in wash programme with a thorough rinse cycle at up to 400C for maximum efficiency. Note: thorough rinsing is essential if item is to be re-treated / waterproofed. Suggested quantity of 300ml per rug for all but the heaviest or badly soiled items when up to 500ml may be necessary. For lightweight items approximately 200ml should prove adequate. Increase quantities accordingly if more than 1 item is being washed at any one time. Dry in accordance with care label. Tumble dry if recommended only on a low heat setting. For hand washing, dilute 1 part of Rugwash LF with 2 parts of hot water (below 400C). Rinse thoroughly.

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