Team Orchard Equestrian & Ambassador's

Please see below a list of Riders we support and who are ambassadors for Orchard Equestrian

Marie Burke - International Showjumper



Sheila White - Showjumper


Joan Greene - International Showjumper


Irish Polocrosse Team


The Irish Squad. 
On foot: Paul Scott (manager) on left, Lorraine Scott (coach) on right. 
L-R: Isabelle Alken, Rosie McKeown (female captain), Julie Doyle, Frances Nicholas (female vice-captain), John Byrne (captain), Andrew O'Dwyer, Simon O'Malley (Vice-Captain), Danny O'Leary. 



Cleo Murphy - Dressage, Eventing & Showjumping



Jamie Garland - Showjumping



Dominic Furnell - International Eventing



Ashleigh Tate - Showing



John O Regan - Showjumping


Jennie Madden - Showjumping



Robyn O'Neill - International Pony Dressage Rider



Jo Madden - Showjumping



Sophie Marks - Showing & Working Hunter



Chloe Marks - Showing & Working Hunter



Siobhan Schous - Dressage/Eventing



Nikki Boylan - Dressage/Showjumping/Showing



Conor Costello - Showjumping



Elena Sheehy - Eventing



Eoin Murphy - Eventing



Niamh Grimes Dooley - Showjumping



Tara Oliver - Dressage/Showing



Hayley O'Shea - Eventing/Showing



Kayleigh McCormack - TREC



Kirsten McCormack - TREC


Nicolas Pfister (France) - Showjumping



Dominique Pfister (France) - Dressage



Stacey Smith - Showjumping/Showing



Aimee O'Brien - Showjumping



Shauna Fitzgibbon - Dressage



Laura Shannon - Multi Disciplines



Alex Stewart - Irish Tetrathlon Team



The Polocrosse players who represented Ireland and Orchard Equestrian in the 2018 European Challenge Tournament in Holland



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