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Su-Per Leanabolic - 4lb

Su-Per Leanabolic - 4lb
Gamma Oryzanol - 625 mg. per ounce - Glycine - 100 mg. per ounce - Creatine - 1,000 mg. per ounce - Zinc - 1.25 mg. per ounce - Chromium - 1.25 mg. per ounce - Potassium - 125 mg. per ounce - Taurine - 125 mg. per ounce - Isoleucine - 50 mg. per ounce - Keto Iso Caproate - 100 mg. per ounce - Valine - 50 mg. per ounce - L-Leucine - 50 mg. per ounce - Vitamin C - 125 mg. per ounce - Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid - 150 mg. per ounce - Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) - 5 mg. per ounce - Phosphatidyl Choline - 500 mg. per ounce - Inositol Phosphates - 138.7 mg. per ounce.

Gamma Oryzanol, Kre-Alkalyn (Creatine), and the precursors to HMB! (HMB, a metabolite of an amino acid, has been shown in scientific research studies to improve muscle metabolism in horses. Horses fed HMB show increased oxygen carrying capacity in the blood, decreased muscle breakdown, & improved overall muscle function). Studies have shown that Creatine supplementation increases power output and total work output and increases sprint performance.

LEANABOLIC will build lean muscle mass, increase performance and endurance. A new, advanced formulation supplement which will aid in recuperating from exercise more effectively.

Recommended Feeding Amount: 4 ounces daily for the first seven days (loading phase). Thereafter, feed 1 ounce daily for horses in light training, 2 ounces daily for horses in heavy training. After supplementing for a total of 9 weeks, discontinue use for one week, then start supplementation again, beginning with the loading phase. 4lb (2 Month Supply).

The use of this product may contravene the rules of equestrian competition. The manufacturer recommends consultation with your governing body.

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