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Ectospec - 500ml

Ectospec - 500ml
Ectospec - 500ml Ectospec - 500ml

Ectospec 2.5% Pour-on Solution is a ready to use insecticide used for the control of flies and lice in cattle. Early treatment of livestock with a product such as Ectospec 2.5% Pour-on will reduce the amount of flies in population and reduce the spread of disease and infection before it can affect the health of your livestock and the finances of your farm. An infestation of flies on your farm can have some major effects on your livestock, such as reduction in milk production, reduction in growth, hide damage, spread of disease, spread of mastitis and infectious eye disease.

Active Ingredient: Cypermethrin

Target Species: Cattle Treats and Controls: Flies and lice

Administration Method: Pour On Withdrawal Time: 10 days for cattle intended for meat and offal, 12 hours for cattle producing milk for human consumption. 48 hours for sheep intended for meat and offal, 12 hours for sheep producing milk for human consumption Dosage for lice and keds treatment: 10 ml per animal irrespective of weight. Dose Volume Number of full doses per pack 250ml 2.5 Litre 10 ml 25 250 Always read the label and all enclosed information for Ectospec 2.5% Pour-on before administering to animals!

What are the advantages of using Ectospec 2.5% Pour-on for cattle? Ready to use: Ectospec 2.5% Pour-on is ready to use straight out the bottle, it is also easy to apply to cattle using the built in applicator. No milk withdrawal Period: It can be applied to dairy cattle after they have been milked and they will be ready for their next milking. Only 10 day meat withdrawal period: This is a very short withdrawal time for beef cattle. Low dose rate: with only 10 ml per dose regardless of size of the animal a bottle of Ectospec 2.5% Pour-on for cattle will dose more animals per bottle. What effects to flies have on my livestock? Stable Fly: Can reduce milk production in dairy cattle and have a great impact on the weight gain of beef cattle. Face Fly: Can transmit bacteria among livestock and has been associated with pink eye Head Fly: Has been linked to summer mastitis Midges: Can spread bluetongue virus and scmallenberg virus

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