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New Open Hind Extender Boot

New Open Hind Extender Boot
New Open Hind Extender Boot New Open Hind Extender Boot


Noticeably improves the jumping action of a horse by helping to extend the hind quarters. XLF outer covering for easy clean, strength and long life, together with orthopaedic foam lining.

Designed with Di Lampard, one of Britain's leading lady show jumpers. Ideal for slightly lazy or stiff horses. This boot is intended to be worn with straps at normal tension during warm-up, then just before you enter the arena cinch the straps up really tight.

This has the effect of applying gentle pressure to the ligament and nerve running from the hock to the fetlock, which causes the limb to extend. It is a similar effect to a human crossing their legs and tapping their knee, to cause a reflex extension of the leg. It causes no pain for a sound horse, but has a noticeable effect on jumping performance.

Size: Medium, Large

Our price: 65.95

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