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Omega Equine Linseed Meal - 3kg

Omega Equine Linseed Meal - 3kg
Omega Equine Linseed Meal - 3kg Omega Equine Linseed Meal - 3kg Omega Equine Linseed Meal - 3kg

Omega Linseed Meal

A simple, no mess approach to a supplement which will have horses gleaming with health

Linseed meal is a fantastic addition to your horse’s feed bucket. It’s a unique supplement which is high in healthy fats and fatty acids, yet also a great source of high-soluble fibre. It is particularly popular with showing yards who are looking to achieve exception show-ring ready coats and a strong topline.

Nutritious linseed meal is popular because:

  • It is rich in fatty acid omega 3, which significantly supports coat and skin health. The result is a glistening coat with very little effort. It also helps develop an increased topline
  • High in calories yet low in starch and sugar, it makes for a brilliant conditioning supplement which is suitable for all horse types, even older animals or those prone to laminitis. Low starch levels also offer a 'safer' energy source in comparison to other cereal feeds
  • Alongside high levels of omega 6, linseed meal also contains zinc, vitamin B1, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and copper. These nutrients have shown to aid both the immune system and improve joint health
  • With a typical protein level of 33 to 35%, it provides a noteworthy amount of protein to your horse’s feed bucket.

In the past, messy and time-consuming boiling may have deterred owners, however Omega’s product is ready prepared for ultra-convenience. Micronized to remove any unsafe toxins, owners can now simply add to their horses feed and reap the benefits.


Oil - 39%

Fibre - 7%

Protein - 23%

Our price: 10.95

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