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Sprenger Flexcite Stirrups

Sprenger Flexcite Stirrups

The shape and design of the Sprenger Flexcite Stirrups makes them them sit in perfect balance when hanging down on the saddle.  This keeps the riders leg in the correct position.  The flexible arms of the sitrrups allows shock absorption.  Thus preventing stress and strain on your ligament and joints.  If you have ever suffered from a bad back (like most equestrians do).  These are the best stirrups for you.


Providing the rider with the latest shock absorption, flexibility and safety.  The four way joint in the arm of the Sprenger Flexcite Stirrups allows movement in four directions all at the same time.  This makes them a safe stirrup in the event of a fall and allows the safe release of your feet to help prevent the rider being caught and dragged. 


The wide tread helps to improve the riders balance in the saddle.  The two varying types of rubber on the tread allow for a greater degree of grip for the rider.  

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