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Sprenger WH Ultra Soft Snaffle Sensogan 16mm

Sprenger WH Ultra Soft Snaffle Sensogan 16mm


Brilliant to introduce young horses to the bit and also for older horses that may be “bit-shy” and need to be more relaxed. The approved KK ULTRA bit design provided the basis for these bits. The center section has an additional covering of soft but durable rubber so the rein aids can be extremely soft. It also helps to avoid bad habits like teeth grinding through its relaxing effect on horses. KK ULTRA – Compared to conventional bits, the double jointed KK ULTRAs have a middle link – also known as the bean – that is shortened and angled forward by 45°.

Only with this angle the middle link lies gently on the tongue resulting in even and constant contact to allow clear instructions through the reins. The innovative KK ULTRA bits take advantage of the exceptional sensitvity of the horse‘s tongue which multiplies the perceptions from signals given by the bit. When the reins are pulled the middle part of the KK ULTRA fully rests on the tongue without squeezing and the connection rings roll on the tongue. The tongue‘s sense of touch is utilised and clear instructions can be given.

The KK ULTRA bits provide an incomparable precisely contact between rider and horse. A huge improvement can normally be seen immediately when switching to a KK ULTRA bit. The anatomically adapted mouthpiece is very comfortable for the horse as the rider can give softer instructions and the horse‘s suppleness is supported harmoniously.


Technical description:

Material: Sensogan with stainless steel rings.
Bit thickness: 16mm.
Ring diameter: 70 mm.

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