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Stubben Anatomic Loose Ring Snaffle

Stubben Anatomic Loose Ring Snaffle

The Stubben Anatomic Loose Ring Snaffle Bit's sweet copper metal offers the advantage of combining strength with a sweet taste. It is composed of full copper (at 90%), iron (at 7%) and aluminum (at 3%) without nickel. The hardening process used ensures the durability of the metal while still allowing the passive oxidation process to occur. While being tough, the sweet copper metal offers the main advantage of having a pleasant sweet taste, which will make the horse chew and salivate promoting relaxation and acceptance of the bit. 

Due to the anatomic shape, rein pressure is moderated on the bars and distributed evenly across the tongue. The impact through the tongue is a little stronger than through a normal double broken bit. This the perfect compromise between more direct communication and mouth-friendliness.

Favorite Features

• Shape provides a stable, comfortable position in the mouth
• No nutcracker effect or palate pressure
• Sweet copper metal for strength & sweet taste

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